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Pharrell & Styles P Remember Michael Jackson

Posted By on July 1, 2009

    Pharrell Williams, also known as Skate Board P, along with Styles P recently remembered the late-great Michael Jackson expressing what the iconic singer's impact was on his music. [watch here] Beyond the King Of Pop, Pharrell says that Quincy Jones was a huge impactor. "You have to understand, I'm a musician," Pharrell explained in an interview. [watch here] "So often we appreciate artists without judgment, like I don't want to compare him to any other artist but there's all sorts of artists, all sorts of scientists." [watch here]

    The N.E.R.D. slash Neptunes member continued "that we totally respect that have things that the news of that time would find interesting to report and totally exploit. But at the end of the day, I think the biggest part of Michael Jackson's legacy is the musical effect he's left on all of you guys. Because without that, you wouldn't be talking about the other things. It's the music, the music was so incredible. What he and Quincy Jones did was change music and the way people looked at music." [watch here]

Pharrell & Styles P Remember Michael Jackson


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