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Pharrell Talks Current State Of Music (Video)

Posted By on September 19, 2011

     Rapper slash producer Pharrell Williams recently spoke with VIBE Magazine about the current state of music, expressing his appreciation for rapper Rick Ross. Pharrell explains that after a certain number of years, the music from a particular decade becomes "unrecognizable."

“Next year, music will not sound the way – you will not recognize the music of the last couple of years. It always happens,” Pharrell explained. “If you notice every five years music changes and every 10 years the decade previous is completely unrecognizable. Everything is cyclical. Hip Hop is music so it’s the same thing. Everything changes.” (VIBE)

     Later in the feature, Pharrell shares his thoughts on Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross, stating that we haven't had a genuine artist like him in a long time.

“The way Ross is killing it right now. It’s been a minute since the last time we had somebody like him to come out and do what he’s doing or like a Wayne,” said Pharrell. “It’s just like completely authentic and knows what he wants to do. Knows his sound, has a style, has a definitive position, has a perspective on the game and what he adds to it and how he’s gonna change it. So music’s in a really, really good place now and I’m watching it. I’m in the studio and everything is changing. I’m thankful to be a part of it. ” (VIBE)

Pharrell – Talks State Of Music, Rick Ross Killing It