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Eminem & Obie Trice Remember Proof (Audio)

Posted By on February 11, 2011

     Earlier this year an un-released (slash un-finished) Proof tribute-like track from long-time friend and fellow D12 member Eminem leaked. Tagged "Difficult," the song featured Eminem speaking about his best friend. Eminem described the song recently…

"It's a dedication to Proof," Em said of the song. "It is one of those
records that I tried … I had several attempts at making. Every attempt
just wasn't good enough. It was one of those things, I tried a bunch of
records and it just didn't work. Like, 'This is not good enough, the
rhyme's not crazy enough, the beat's not crazy enough.'

     Now the track has been remade by former Shady Records artist Obie Trice. This time tagging the track "Dudey," Obie adds…

"I drop a tear in the rhyme, the day you find it is the day I stop
missing DeShaun," Obie chimes in on the chorus. "Holton, it was written,
it was woven for a soldier to leave so suddenly, got me wide open/ I
could die, take my soul, so dope and, turn around, leave us all
heartbroken/ Know that you said keep going, be a man, no emotion, it's
your duty, till we meet again, my Dudey."

Eminem Ft. Obie Trice-Dudey (Difficult) – Proof Tribute (YouTube Quality | MP3 Here)