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R.I.P. Big Proof

Posted By on April 11, 2007

On April 11, 2006, DeShaun “Proof” Holton was tragically killed at the CCC Club in Detroit, Michigan. Proof’s legacy and music, however, lives on. Proof played a pivotal role in Detroit’s underground hip-hop scene. He hosted battles at the famous Hip-Hop Shop and was one of the most recognizable members of D12. His raspy voice and vivid lyrics were trademarks on D12’s two albums — Devil’s Night (2001) and D12 World (2004). He also released his final solo album in 2005, Searching For Jerry Garcia.

Proof also was the co-founder of the D12World.com / RapBaserment.com Message Board, believing the closer we brought the fans to the artists, the better. Organizing events where fans got to meet the artists, doing video webisodes for the site along with having separate sections at the shows just for members of the message board, he was always open to do ANYTHING for fans, and he proved himself as one of the best artists in music history, especially when it came to his fans. We have everything to thank him for. We celebrate Proof’s remembering his contributions to hip-hop and some of his best videos and songs in history, not to mention the personal touch he had on all of us. God Bless The Dead.