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Pusha T Says Lil Wayns New Music Isnt Good; Gives Props to Drake

Posted By on January 15, 2013

Pusha T recently had an interview with DJ Drama at the Atlanta radio station HOT 107.9. In the interview, he credited Drake about his rhyming. “Drake be rhyming. He busting. He be getting busy.” He also admitted that he is not a fan of Lil Wayne’s music.

In a report on hiphopdx.com, Pusha T bluntly revealed to DJ Drama “Nah, I don’t like Wayne music.” Even though he is not fond of Lil Wayne’s new music, he has several of his previous mix tapes. “Right now, it’s not good. And you’re talking about somebody who got Carter II, III. I got mix tapes. I’m not into the new stuff.” Pusha T stated that 2 Chainz was a big motivation for him. “To even watch what he was doing and to watch how he just took a hold of the game—and to just watch that blossom, I took that spirit, I took that motivation, and I really appreciate him for that.”

The spat between Pusha T and Lil Wayne had been going on for years. Last year, Pusha T released several songs which were rumored to be aimed at the Young Money Artists. The speculation was on the rise even more after Pusha T released the song Exodus 23:1.

Listen to the Interview with Pusha T on DJ Drama Radio Show