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Pusha T Indicates That He Is Ready for Beef With Drake

Posted By on February 27, 2013

When Pusha T was asked if he is ready to take on Drake, his response was short and to the point. He says that he is ready to take on anyone at any time. He says that he is confident in his skills and he is good at what he does. He says that he is not into attempting to discredit the skills or accomplishment of his opponents, openly acknowledging that Drake is good, but he feels that he can tasteful hold his own in a battle rap.

During an interview with Whoo Kid, he openly addressed the opportunity to beef with Drake.

“At the end of the day, I’m ready for anything and anybody. This is music to me. It’s something I’m good at. It’s something I’m very good at,” he expressed. “I don’t shy away from anything. I’m not into it like that. And I keep it tasteful. And I keep it Hip Hop. I keep it Rap. That’s it. I ain’t trippin’. I’m not even here to discredit what they’ve achieved or their skills. Drake is good.”

He also took a quick shot at Consequence, rehashing some recent issues.

“If a man bought your teeth, you can never speak ill of that man,” he said, quoting his tweet about Consequence’s recent disgruntled statements towards Kanye West. “Confucius said it and I agree with that one belief. I don’t care what nobody say. Ain’t nobody ever bought my teeth.”

  • Pusha T can take Drake on anytime. He’s on top of his bar game right now…