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Pusha T Details “King Push”;Video Released

Posted By on September 28, 2013

Yesterday, Pusha T dropped the intro track to his upcoming album “My Name Is My Name” along with a video. According to Pusha, “King Push” is a proclamation of where the rapper feels he’s at right now in his career.

“It’s just my proclamation to it being my time,” Pusha T said in an interview with MTV. “All eyes on me. ‘King Push.’ I’m saying it. I’m in the best space. I feel. It’s just telling you, all I could give you is my lyrics. That’s all I want to give you. This is all I’m about. I’m not singing hooks to you. This is raw. This is uncut. You’ve gotta listen to me to like me, to love me. This is for that person.” 


Pusha went on to also say that the song is him declaring that no other artist can produce the type of music he has.

“When it comes to this D-Boy Rap, I don’t think there’s anybody better than me,” Pusha T said. “They gave it the title ‘Coke Rap.’ I really don’t even like the title. The first record I heard was about the streets. It was called ‘The Message.’ They didn’t give it a title of ‘Coke Rap.’ It was just about the reality of life and what’s going on right now. I just feel like there’s nobody as intricate as me when it comes to this.”


Check out the full MTV interview ,as well as the visual for “King Push”, below: