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R Kelly Replies To Trey Songz Diss

Posted By on August 18, 2009

    Sitting at a listening session yesterday (August 17th), R Kelly let journalists review his upcoming Untitled album and in the process he offered a response to the recent diss from Trey Songz where Songz said R Kelly was Dead. [Trey Songz Says R Kelly Is Dead – Watch Here] In response to a question posed to him about Trey Songz, he said: "When
you're a king…I don't get into the challenges anymore… What is an
elephant gonna do when an ant or a fly lands on them? Those guys got
some growing up to do. That's something I would have answered 20 years
ago." [Trey Songz Says R Kelly Is Dead – Watch Here]

    In addition to the Trey Songz beef, R Kelly announced that he has many unreleased Michael Jackson collaborations he intends to release. "I did like five songs with Michael Jackson before he passed that we didn't get a chance to do," Kelly informed the panel. "I'm gonna finish what me and Mike were doing and try to get it out there. When I did 'We Are Not Alone,' it sounded just like him…"

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