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R Kelly Talks Dr Dre & Detox Album

Posted By on December 1, 2009

    As many of you know, there have been multiple tracks leaked on the internet that are supposed to be from or reference tracks for Dr Dre's upcoming "Detox" album. Now in a new interview, R Kelly has confirmed reports that his leaked collaboration with 50 Cent titled "Do What It Do" was created for Dre's long-awaited album. According to the hit singer, Kells says he has a close relationship with the Aftermath Records head man slash hit producer. "Yeah, I'm in with Dre, I always been in with Dre," Kells revealed in an interview with DJ Skee. [R Kelly Says He's Close With Dr Dre – Watch Here]

    R Kelly then goes on to talk about the details of the leaked song, which he says is from the "Detox" album. "So he came to me and wanted me to do that joint, I did it, and I'm just hoping it come out and blow the h*ll up. I just did a joint for Mary J. [Blige], she's in the studio right now and I'm just finna get started doing other joints for people not just Kells. I'm just finna start flying everywhere, I'm just finna start doing everything." [R Kelly Talks About The Leaked Detox Track he Is On – Watch Here]

R Kelly – Talks About Dr Dre & His Detox Album