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R.Kelly Speaks On Sexual Assault Allegations And Working Through The Negative Attention

Posted By on December 17, 2013

Singer R. Kelly has come forward to speak on the sexual allegations that were made about him almost 20 years ago and explains how he works through the negative attention.

Kelly explains to Big Tigger how he will not focus on the negative people who doubt him.

 “Well, you know, I feel like I got the football man, I’m running towards the touchdown and stopping and looking back, mess around, get tackled. And I also want my fans and everyone to know that I really appreciate everybody’s support from the very beginning of my career. But as you know, when you get on top of anything, it’s very windy up there. It’s not just about getting on top, it’s about holding your balance once you get up there. You have to be spiritually a climber. I feel good about Black Panties, I got about 12 songs that are about my favorite songs on Black Panties and as long as I got my fans screaming my name around the world and buying my records and supporting R. Kelly, man, everybody that doesn’t agree with it can listen to the last song on Black Panties. We having fun.” (V-103)

R. Kelly was interviewed by Village Voice when the details of the singer’s past sexual crimes made its way to the web.

“The next day at the Sun-Times, we got this anonymous fax — we didn’t know where it came from. It said: R. Kelly’s been under investigation for two years by the sex-crimes unit of the Chicago police. And I threw it on the corner of my desk. I thought, “player-hater.” Now, from the beginning, there were rumors that Kelly likes them young. And there’d been this Aaliyah thing — Vibe printed, without much commentary and no reporting, the marriage certificate. Kelly or someone had falsified her age as 18. There was that. So all this is floating in the air. This fax arrives and I think, “Oh, this is somebody playing with this.” But there was something that nagged at me as a reporter. There were specific names, specific dates, and those great, long Polish cop names. And you’re not going to make that crap up.” (Village Voice)