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Alleged 3-Sum Partner To Testify In R-Kelly Trial

Posted By on May 5, 2008

    R-Kelly troubles continue. The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that an unidentified woman is about to testify that she engaged in sexual activity with R-Kelly and an underage female, “she was involved in a threesome with [the girl] and R. Kelly,” an inside source said. Whether to allow the woman's testimony was a topic at the secret hearings that were held last year, and Judge Vincent Gaughan decided to allow it.

    The underage girl in question is the center of the case, allegedly being the famous young female the infamous sex tape that featured the R&B star. Now in her 20's, Kelly's involvement with her resulted in many child pornography counts back in 2002 which leaves 15 years in prison at stake for Kells. Jury selection for the delayed trial starts Friday.