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Four Witnesses Identify R. Kelly And Girl On Infamous Video Tape

Posted By on May 22, 2008

    R. Kelly's luck continues to be bad. He is a huge super star and to hope no one would recognize him, is probably not a good hope. Recently in his trial, four witnesses identified the girl as the on in the infamous video tape. Although she says she isn't the one in the tape, her uncle and aunt identified her on the tape. One of the other witnesses include her best friend, who also pointed out Kelly on the tape.

    Kelly's lawyers continue to say it isn't him on the tape. “Something could have been done to put a different head on that body,” Defense attorney Sam Adam Jr. said. The lawyer confronted the girls aunt in cross-examination asking why she didn’t go to authorities when she suspected the tape might be child pornography to which she simply said she was "torn." R. Kellys lawyers continued by suggested they wanted to “extort Kelly,” in a possible civil lawsuit. She denied the accusation.