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R. Kelly Asks For Another Delay In Child Pornography Trial

Posted By on May 7, 2008

    R. Kelly asked for a delay today for his child pornography trial in a Chicago courthouse today. Kelly's lawyer Ed Genson said "We ask to continue the case because of the torrent of publicity over the weekend." Kelly's lawyer was talking about the news which the Chicago Sun-Times reported on Saturday that stated one of the so-called "secret witnesses" was recently added to the witness list is a woman that claimed she had participated in a three-way sexual encounter with the singer and the allegedly underage girl who appears on the sex tape at the heart of the charges.

    The new witness will surely hurt Kellys defense which says he was not the man on the tape. Presecutors asked to respond to the defense request Friday and at that time the Judge will rule on the motion. R. Kelly is charged with 21 counts of child pornography and if convicted he faces 15 years in prison. Jury selection was scheduled for Friday.