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R.Kelly Catches A Break, His Defense Calls Key Experts to Dispute Prosecutions Case

Posted By on June 6, 2008

    R. Kelly hasn't had much good luck lately but he seems to be catching a break, at least now. His defense lawyers in his child porn trial got some good news as a forensic expert testified in their favor today. Video forensic experct, Charles Palm, told the jury that the black mark on the lower back of the man in the infamous video tape is not a mole, rather a result of video distortion. The expert went on to say that the video has been duplicated numerous times it appears and disappears, which is what the defense has been saying since the start.

     As we previously reported, an expert for the prosecution recently testified comparing a black mark on the back of the man in the video tape to a mole found on a picture of Kelly's back after his arrest in 2002. The expert for the the prosecution said that it was unlikely that the tape would be manipulated because it would take a lot of money and years to do. This goes against what the expert for the defense said today, who said the tape at the heart of the trial could have been manipulated in a matter of months. The defensse expert also contridicted the prosecutions theory of Kellys mole being the mark seen on the man in the tape when he said "I see a black mark but it doesn't appear to be a mole."

    The Defense also got help from private investigator, Jack Palladino who backed up their theory by testifing he believed the prosecution's key witness sought to extort
Kelly in exchange for their silence. Lisa Van Allen testified earlier
this week to having multiple three-way sexual encounters with the
singer and the alleged victim. In a meeting with Allen and her fiancé
Yul Brown, in Atlanta earlier this year, Palladino said Brown claimed a
publisher had offered a $300,000 deal for a book about Kelly. "I assume
they were trying to solicit a bribe," he testified.