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Reakwon Promises Royal Rumble Of Hip Hop

Posted By on June 2, 2010

     Long-time Wu-Tang member Reakwon recently talked about headlining his upcoming "Rock The Bells" tour and how he plans to perform the entire Wu-Tang "36 Chambers" album. "We never did that before," Raekwon said in an interview. "We never sung the whole album, the 36 Chambers…That's gonna be interesting to see these cats do some of the records that really bust hip-hop's cherry open. I can't wait to see this because I never seen it like that before. The concept is great. It gives fans the opportunity to go back and rewrite their history, go back and check it out, see what made dudes who they are. … This [tour] is gonna allow races to come together and have fun for one night. This is gonna be the event of events. This is gonna be the Royal Rumble of hip-hop. I'm sure that everybody is gonna come out and represent this. It's gonna be right. I can't wait."

Wu-Tang – Live Rock The Bells Performance