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Rakim Speaks On Dre Break Up

Posted By on August 11, 2009

     The legendary Rakim recently talked about his upcoming "Seventh Seal" album and even spoke on his past broken-relationship with Dr. Dre.  Although he didn't give too many details, Rakim did say that Busta Rhymes would be featured on the new album.

     "Too many creative differences," he said about the Aftermath labelhead. "[Dre] wanted to go in one direction, and I wanted to go in another. I really wish we could've gotten on the same page, and an album would've come out like four years ago. There weren't any bridges burned, though, so hopefully we can work together again. One good thing that did come out of living in California for a few years was it opened me up to some West Coast sounds that I didn't know existed…I used a bunch of hungry, talented [producers] — Needlz, Nottz and my best-kept secret, Nick Wiz… I spoke with Eric B before I started recording, and we both decided it was in our best interest not to collaborate…I'm trying to keep everything a secret. I want people to be surprised. I will give you one name, though: Busta Rhymes. He's an amazing New York artist who I really wanted to work with. I'm laid-back and he's all over the place, wild and very colorful. It's a great mix.