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Rakim Almost Shot At Big Daddy Kane (Video)

Posted By on August 26, 2010

     According to multiple reports by many different sites, veteran rapper Rakim told MTV (backstage at the Rock The Bells show this past weekend) that he almost took a shot at fellow veteran rapper, Big Daddy Kane on his "Let The Rhythm Hit Em" track. Rakim says that he decided to get rid of the planned rhyme after a long phone call with Dark Gable. Here is what Rakim said…

"It was a couple of bars in ‘Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em’ that I took out because I spoke to Kane. … But he could’ve been lying. You know how it is, baby! Nah, love is love. A lot of people wanted it to happen — it would have been crazy. But big up to Kane, he always kept me on my toes, and I hope vice versa. And another brother: [Kool] G Rap. Those were my measuring sticks that I measured myself with. Big up for helping me keep my sword sharp."

Rakim – Talks About Almost Dissing Big Daddy Kane