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Rakim Explains New Album’s Long Delay

Posted By on December 7, 2009

    Legendary rapper Rakim recently had his new comeback album "The Seventh Seal" hit stores after a very long delay and now the rap veteran is talking about why it took him so long to get his third solo project on the shelves. According to Rakim, part of the long delay was due to him taking on the role of CEO in addition to being the artist. [Rakim Talks About Why His New Album Was Delayed So Long – Watch Here]

    "It's hard to tell because when I came back from Cali, after the Dre situation, I tried to keep working, I just wanted to keep busy," Rakim says. "I got a little studio in the crib so I stay working. But once I sort of zeroed in on the topic, The Seventh Seal topic, it was probably three years. At the same time, it wasn't just working on the album, I was trying to get my business and everything together. I got my own label, I got the album coming out on my label so you know, trying to wear two hats. An artist and CEO, I usually take a long time with my albums anyway, but, this here took extra time trying to get the business situated." [Rakim Talks Being CEO & An Artist – Watch Now]

Rakim – Talks Comeback Album Delay "I Usually Take A Long Time"