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February 21, 2007

Nelly The King Of St. Louis

Rapper Nelly hasn't released a CD since 2004's double release, Sweat and Suit, but he's still St. Louis' all-time best selling artist. Nelly has sold more than 22 million records...

Busta Rhymes Offered Plea Agreement

For all his troubles, Busta Rhymes may end up avoiding any jail time stemming from two separate assault incidents. On February 20th, the rapper was offered a plea agreement by...
February 20, 2007

Buck Speaks On Beef & New Album

Young Buck's got a new album, Buck the World, on the way. With 2007 shaping up to become a year for certain Southern acts to shine bright, the competition is...
February 19, 2007
February 18, 2007