Hip Hop News

July 22, 2003

DMX and 50 Go at Ja Rule on Shut Down

MTV reports, after recording five LPs that he considers championship-caliber, hip-hop’s human canine has deemed himself worthy to be likened to the highest pedigree of dog, a Grand Champ. The...
July 20, 2003

Bone Crusher Should Be Scared…New Lawsuit Opens

Jackson, Mississippi artists Reese & Bigelow are preparing to bring a copyright infringement lawsuit against Bone Crusher and Arista Records for the hit single “Never Scared.” Reese, who claims he...
July 19, 2003

TVT Records Break In

The Manhattan office of rap music mogul Steven Gottlieb (who was recently awarded a $132 million judgment against Island Def Jam records in a dispute over a Ja Rule record)...
July 18, 2003

Hot 97 Beats out Howard Stern

NEW YORK-The radio report-cards for NYC have recently been released with a number of surprises. With the release of Star and Buckwild during the month of May, the listeners have...
July 17, 2003

Fabolous Sues NY for 5 Million

Still steaming over what he considers a false arrest, MTV Reports, Fabolous plans to sue the city of New York for $5 million, according to a notice filed by his...
July 16, 2003

Rakim Drops Dres Aftermath

There has been many rumors spreading across the net today about Rakim leaving Aftermath Entertainment. Well, the rumors look be to be true and Rakim has indeed left the label....
July 14, 2003
July 11, 2003

New Obie Trice feat. Proof of D12

Rapbasement.com Vol 2 Mixtape presents Unborn Soldiers – Download Now a new track from Obie Trice feat. Proof of D12. Expect this and much more on Vol 2 Click for...
July 10, 2003