Hip Hop News

January 13, 2004

DJ Green Lantern: Tupac Giveaway

RapBasement.com is giving away 50, that’s right, 50 full “2Pac Rap Phenomenon” Mixtapes courtesy of DJ Green Lantern. Along with DJ Vlad and DJ Dirty Harry, Green Lantern has put...
January 10, 2004

Simmons sells Phat Fashions for $140 million

Russell Simmons has sold Phat Fashions, into a partnership with clothing company, Kellwood. Under the terms of the deal, Phat Fashions becomes a subsidary of Kellwood. Simmons received $140 million...
January 8, 2004
January 7, 2004

Method Man in porn mag

Still hot off an upcoming Fox sitcom and a role alongside Eddie Griffin and Anthony Anderson in “My Baby Daddy,” Method Man is now gracing the cover of the new...
January 2, 2004
December 31, 2003

Soulja Slims Murderer Arested $300,000 hit

New Orleans police have arrested a 22-year-old man in connection with the murder of rapper James “Soulja Slim” Tapp. Garelle Smith, 22, was booked with first degree murder relating to...
December 30, 2003

Jay Z & Beyonce play Mr & Mrs Claus

Jay-Z, donning a red Santa suit and a bag stuffed with toys, spent his Christmas holiday giving gifts to kids in his childhood Marcy Projects home. This was not the...
December 29, 2003

50 Cent & G-Unit own 2003

It’s a good thing 50 Cent bought that spacious mansion in Connecticut a few months back. The year’s best-selling artist is going to need at least one of its 52...
December 24, 2003

Ludacris set to Crash

After starring in “2 Fast 2 Furious” this past summer, Ludacris recently began shooting “Crash” alongside Hollywood heavyweights Brandon Frasier, Matt Dillon and Sandra Bullock.
December 22, 2003

The Plot Thickens…Source Vs Eminem

The Source magazine won a court case that will allow them to include a snippet CD of racist remarks the rapper made against African-Americans. U.S. District Judge Gerald E. Lynch...

Trick Daddy Pleads Guilty

Maurice “Trick Daddy” Young pled guilty to felony cocaine and weapons charges, avoiding prison time. By pleading guilty, the most serious charge of aggravated assault with a firearm was reduced...