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November 30, 2002

Rap Basement NEEDS YOU!

We here at Rap Basement are searching for News Writers! If you specialize in a certain label or artist that is fine we will work with you personally. If you...
November 26, 2002

2Pac Tv Spots

Here are the links to the 2PAC Television Spots, Click the links below to watch them now! Windows Media | Real Player
November 24, 2002
November 23, 2002

Snoop Gets his own TV Show

Snoop Dogg is getting his own variety show on M-T-V. It’ll be called `Doggy Fizzle Televizzle.’ Snoop’s show will combine comedy with music and man-on-the-street bits.
November 21, 2002

2pac Giveaway!

2pacPlanet.com Giveaway!2pacPlanet.com along with Interscope Records is giving away a framed 2pac artwork peice. The Artwork is a Black & White Framed Photo of The Cover Photo for the “Better...

Solange Online Team And E-Card!

Help spread the word about Solange! Join her online team by sending a blank email to join_solange@lists.electricartists.comHere’s the link to the Solange e-card:http://www.electricartists.com/solange/ecard.html
November 20, 2002

Forthcoming 2 Pac Related Items

Forthcoming Amaru Entertainment Projects: “Better Dayz” – November 26th, 2002 Feature Film Documentary based on the life of Tupac Shakur-Amaru/MTV Films (summer 2003) Corresponding soundtrack album for Tupac documentary-Amaru/Interscope (spring...
November 19, 2002

Jam Master Jay Shoe

NY authorities have named and arrested Curtis Scoon in connection with the murder of Jam Master Jay. Investigators found DNA evidence at the crime scene that may link Scoon to the...

50 Cent A Wanksta?

Last week, hip-hop sensation Ja Rule appeared on Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Los Angeles’ Power 106. In addition to talking about his new movie Half Past Dead, Ja spoke on...
November 16, 2002

Proof Interview @ DjKNice.Com

Exclusive Interview with Big Proof posted 11/4/02I just posted my interview with Proof on WWW.DJKNICE.COM. Interview was just conducted 10/30/02. Find out how Proof feels about the Promatic album. New...
November 13, 2002

Rob Swift Interview

RapBasement.com recently interviewed Rob Swift of the X-Ecutioners about his new album and much much more! Make sure you listen or read the interview by clicking the link below. Rob Swift...