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December 9, 2002

Proof Goes Searching For Jerry Garcia

PROOF OF D12 GOES SEARCHING FOR JERRY GARCIA Eminem is not the only Detroit celeb making his acting debut in the semi-autobiographic film, 8 Mile. Eminem’s rhyme partner, PROOF, the...
December 8, 2002

Royce Interview

RapBasement.com recently interviewed Royce 5’9 about his cd along with many other things. To listen and read the interview, click the link below. http://www.rapbasement.com/modules.php?name=Sections&sop=viewarticle&artid=9
December 4, 2002

A Hip-Hop Legend is told to leave the Country?

The INS(Immagration and Naturalization Services) has issued a ruling to deport Slick Rick back to his birth place of England. Rick’s lawyers filed a motion to stay the deportation, but...

Mobb Deep and Eminem?

Thats right, rumors have it Mobb Deep,straight out of Queensbridge, may be joining Eminem’s, Shady Records, in order to help Slim towards his war on rapper/Co-Owner of the Source Magazine, Benzino....

Could it be really over for the Jigga Man?

Ya boy Peter here back wit some Jay-Z news so peep it out Ya’ll…… After experimenting with “The Blueprint 2,”the Jigga man says he’s got one more album in him and...

And The Winner Is….???

Whut up ya’ll this is Peter Villarreal,straight up reppin Mercedes,Tx..I’m the newest Soulja to rapbasement.com hitt’n you up wit mad flava. First of…Eminem has been named Artist Of The Year...
December 2, 2002

Rob Swift Interview Part 2

RapBasement.com recently interviewed Rob Swift of the X-Ecutioners about his new album and much much more! Make sure you listen or read the interview by clicking the link below. Rob Swift...
December 1, 2002

Jay Z VH1 TV

To whom it may concern: My name is Matthew Noce. I am the Production Associate on VH1’s Driven: Jay-Z. I am putting out a call to all Jay-Z fans who...
November 30, 2002

Rap Basement NEEDS YOU!

We here at Rap Basement are searching for News Writers! If you specialize in a certain label or artist that is fine we will work with you personally. If you...
November 26, 2002

2Pac Tv Spots

Here are the links to the 2PAC Television Spots, Click the links below to watch them now! Windows Media | Real Player