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Hopsin Discusses Suicide Tweets And His Plans For Going On A Hiatus

Posted By on January 1, 2014

Rapper Hopsin recently sat down with ThisIs50 to discuss a range of topics, including his recent suicidal tweets. When asked about the tweets, the rapper chalked it up to just messing around and being tired.

“I just be saying shit,” he said. “What happened that day? I was just really sleepy or some shit and I woke up early, I just had to do some work, I was just like, ‘Ah this is one of those days.’ I didn’t actually literally mean it. I was just tired.” (ThisIs50)




Hopsin went on to discuss his plans for life after rap.

“I’m about to do the tour,” he said, noting that he will take time off while overseas. “I’m about to go to Australia. It’s too much shit. I’m doing too much music stuff. I just need to go live a personal life now and focus on that more ‘cause I been going 100 on the career shit and just touring all the time. I’m never home. It’s not satisfying me. I’m never home. My bed is unfamiliar to me.” (ThisIs50)


Full interview below: