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Macklemore Discusses Relapsing And Dealing With Addiction

Posted By on January 2, 2014

Macklemore Discusses Relapsing And Dealing With Addiction

2013 was an insane year for Seattle rapper Macklemore. Countless awards and chart placements have put the mc & his partner, Ryan Lewis, at the center of hip hop. In a recent interview, Macklemore discusses his stubble with addiction and his fear of relapsing.

“For me, what is a temptation is coming home off of the road, which is why this time period is interesting,” Macklemore said in an interview with ABC News. “This is when I’ve fallen back before.” 


A few months ago, Macklemore also discussed how addiction has impacted his life and music.

“If I wasn’t a drug addict, if I wasn’t somebody that always struggled with moderation, I wouldn’t have written songs like ‘Otherside’ or ‘Starting Over,'” Macklemore said in the second installment of his CRWN interview presented by MySpace. “Those records have connected with many, many, many people all over the world. You look at lapses and sure, at times, I’ll be like, ‘Man, I wish I was 22 years old, versus like, 30 years old. That would be awesome.’ But it wasn’t meant to be and I’m here. If I would have had this level of success at 22, I don’t know if I would be here.”


Check out the visual for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “White Walls” :