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Shawty Redd remains in Custody for Murder

Posted By on January 5, 2010

    Atlanta hip hop producer Demetrius Stewart, better known as Shawty Redd, is currently being held by Henry County Police after turning himself in, without bail on murder charges for the fatal shooting of a Detroit man on New Years Day at his home in Hampton, GA.

    Authorities say that the victim, Damon Martin, was an invited guest at the producers NYE bash, and that around six in the morning, they were the only ones still at the residence. It is at this point that Stewart claims Martin began to act aggressively and threatening violence, leading to Stewart shooting, and killing the 35 year old, making Stewart the sole witness to the case.

    If he pleads self defense, and is succesful, all charges would dropped. However, a case of self defense might not hold up in court, since victim Martin was unarmed, and by testifying, Stewart would be at risk of prosecutors cross examination. A court case has been set for January 12, 2010, which is the earliest date Stewarts lawyer can make an appearance.

    Shawty Redd is best known for working with Snoop Dogg on the song “Sensual Seduction“, which earned him a grammy nomination. He has also worked extensively with Atlanta based Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane, establishing the signature sound of “dope boy music”.

Shawty Redd – Charged With Murder After Shooting