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iTunes Removes Anti-Piracy, Changes Prices

Posted By on January 7, 2009

    Apple announced that it will now remove the piracy protection on the music it sells through iTunes. Apples Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology was an anti-piracy protection plan that caused computer problems for iTunes customers. Apple told the crowd at this years Macworld Expo that they reached deals with all the major labels (Warner Music Group, Sony BMG, Universal Music and EMI) plus many independent labels, allowing them to remove the DRM tags.

    iTunes is already offering over 8 million songs DRM-free and by March it hops to release another 2 million more, rounding out it's entire 10 million song catalog. Apple also says that it will have a new pricing system for iTunes coming in April. The new system will offer older songs for $0.69 (opposed to the current $0.99 price tag) but new songs will continue to be $0.99 plus new Billboard hits will actually be higher with a $1.29 bill.