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Amber Rose and Rosa Acosta Go on Date and Kiss

Posted By on January 17, 2011

     Footage of Amber Rose and Rosa Acosta came out that showed the two sharing an intimiate night at a restaurant.

The blond bombshell (Amber Rose) and Acosta were seen leaving Eva Longoria’s trendy restaurant Beso, which fittingly means kiss in Spanish, where they shared a quick peck before hopping into an awaiting white SUV. While Amber Rose has admitted to being bisexual in the past, her curvy companion says there was nothing behind the smooch as the two are “just friends”. Rosa added on her website, “Can’t two beautiful friends go out to dinner without having every camera in LA show up?” (Uh, no! Come on Rosa, you are talking about Hollywood.) (Examiner)

     While Amber Rose is rumored to be dating ‘Black and Yellow’ Wiz Khalifa no one has confirmed or denied it. The two are often seen together and Rose recently tweeted to Wiz that she missed him.

Amber Rose & Rosa Acosta Kissing