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B.G. Announces Joint Album With Lil Boosie

Posted By on January 18, 2010

    Former (or should we say current?) Hot Boys member B.G. recently announced his plans to drop a new joint album with incarcerated rapper, Lil Boosie. During an interview backstage at a recent concert, B.G. revealed the albums title. "Me and Lil Boosie got an album coming out called Bad Azz & Gizzle," he said during a recent show. "You know what I'm saying, so, be on the look-out, the streets is watching, ya heard me?"

    Previously, B.G. spoke about Lil Boosie serving time on a drug conviction. "I gotta' hold him down while he's gone and I'm gonna' keep my word on that. Yeah, I'm gonna' keep my word on that and hold him down. We got some hot sh*t together, like man. It's for the streets. The streets have been disappointed. That's why records haven't been doing as good as they used to do. We're going off with the label thinks is a hit and not following the backyard."

BG – Announces Joint Album With Lil Boosie