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Yo Gotti Cleared of Riot Charges

Posted By on January 20, 2011

     Yo Gotti has been cleared of aggravated riot charges after a fight outside of a club in South Memphis in November 2010.

Gotti appearead at the Criminal Justice Center on January 19th where a judge dismissed the charges.

A Memphis rapper is off the hook. Charges against Memphis rap artist Yo Gotti were dropped Wednesday; he was facing charges of Aggravated Riot stemming from a fight outside Level 2 night club in South East Memphis.

Inside the Criminal Justice Center Wednesday, Mario Mims, better known as rap artist Yo Gotti, said justice was served.

Gotti appeared in General Sessions Criminal Court facing a charge of Aggravated Riot stemming from a November 29th brawl outside Level II night club in South East Memphis.

“Case dismissed, it’s over,” Gotti said. “It’s false allegations.”

Lance Taylor, also known as OG Boo Dirty, was charged with Inciting to Riot and Aggravated Riot.

Gotti said his celebrity status may have been the reason why he was implicated in the incident he said he had no involvement in.

“For them to put it out there and run with it, of course it’s a little damaging but like I said, I knew it was all going to come to this.”

Gotti added that with negative publicity come misconceptions.

“I’m a entertainer, I’m in entertainment. I understand it, I know it’s like it’s a protocol of going through it, going through the courts and getting to this point where it gets dismissed… and we’re back to where we were at in the beginning.”

In the end, Gotti sends a message to his friends, fans and family in the Mid-South.

“Whenever you’re faced with anything, you can get through it. Stay focused, stay positive, do it for Memphis like I do it. Put in hard work.”(Fox Memphis

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