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A Portion of J Dilla’s Lost Record Collection to Be Sold by Record Shop & On Ebay

Posted By on January 23, 2013

According to the Detroit Daily News a large portion of a record collection belonging to the late producer/emcee J’ Dilla (A.K.A Jay Dee by friends and relatives) is currently on sale at a local record shop in Detroit. According to numerous reports, upon leaving for Los Angeles, Dilla stored an exceptionally large portion of his record collection (including over 8,000 vinyl albums), beat tapes and more in a storage unit. Dilla fell ill due to complications associated with Lupus and his mother, Maureen Yancy (affectionately known as “Mo Dukes”) who was responsible for looking after the storage left for California on what was to be a two week trip to look after her ill son. That two week trip turned into years, until the death of the famed producer due to the complications associated with Lupus.

During the time ‘Mo Dukes’ was in L.A. the storage was lost due to lack of payment. The collection has recently resurfaced and a large portion of it is said to be on sale. The news of the collection resurfacing is also revealed on JDilla.com, where the story behind the collection is revealed.

“Years ago J Dilla moved a large collection of records, personal test presses and audio master tapes into a storage until after his Detroit basement studio flooded. Shortly thereafter he moved to Los Angeles.

The storage unit was left by Dilla and taken care of by his mother, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, but attention and priorities soon shifted: Dilla became seriously ill and hospitalized, and with his mother at his side in Los Angeles during a planned two-week visited that turned into years, the unit was lost.

In Spring of 2012, the entire collection was finally recovered. The back payments and fees were paid – Ma Dukes was reunited with the contents she last saw just before leaving to L.A. to take care of Dilla,”

In addition to some parts of the collection being sold at a UHF Records, a local record store in Detroit’s Royal Oaks area, some of the music will also be sold on eBay.