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Styles P Talks Retirement; Move Into Books & Movies

Posted By on January 28, 2010

     Styles P, the long-time LOX member, recently talked about his career in hip hiop and even discussed his plans for life once he decides to hang up the microphone in a few years. Although lately he has been talking about a new deal with Diddy for a LOX album reunion, Styles says he has plans to write a book and appear in movies after he is done with the music business.

     "I got a book coming though, Mr. Invincible, a fiction joint coming out, through Nicki Turner Presents and Random House," Styles . "We're trying to expand, also we got a couple straight-to-DVD films D-Block is trying to put out. Phantom Gangster Chronicles, we got part one and about to put out part two and three so we're just trying to expand the brand. I need another occupation, man. You can't rap forever. We got young D-Block, I'm still in the [rap] game but eventually I gotta pass the baton but eventually I'll be out of the relay. It'll be all on them and I can just spot check when I want to. I think a lot of rappers and emcees forget to pass the torch and open the door for other people. So when I do do that and I'm not playing the whole game, I wanna do something where I 'can' play the whole game — around six, seven more years so I can relax and do the whole book thing…"

Styles P – Talks Retirement Plans "You Cant Rap forever"