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Suspect Charged in the Slaying of Rapper Yung Teddy

Posted By on January 29, 2013

According to reports from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Curley Dean Holden has been charged in the Murder of Rapper Yung Teddy, whose real name is Justin Mitchell. Mitchell had tweeted that he was receiving death threats shortly before he was murdered. According to the report, Holden, a convicted felon, allegedly pointed a gun at Holden and fired several times, killing him.

Holden, allegedly forced his way into the home at which Yung Teddy was living and accosted to your females while holding them at gun point and then turned the gun on Teddy and shot him to death. All of this comes on the heels of tweets that the young rapper sent out saying he was receiving death threats.

Holden, who has done at least two stints in prison, was released from prison in August of 2012 after serving 18 months for a drug conviction. This past Friday, while in jail on charges of making terroristic threats, Holden was charged with the murder of the slain rapper. At current, Holden is being held without bond.

The rapper was murdered after being threatened numerous times. Police arrested a young woman by the name of Yachari Kiyana Miller for sending threatening texts to the rapper around the time he was murdered. Miller reportedly sent texts that said “You a dead man walking” and “This is your year to die” After spending 15 days in jail, Miller was released on a $4620 bond. It is not clear if Miller is in any way connected to Holden at this point.