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Lil B Disses Joey Badass on New Track “I’m The Bad Ass”

Posted By on January 30, 2013

he world of Hip Hop is never at a shortage for feuds; having access to mass media allows these artist to voice their differences to the world. The gifts and abilities they possess allow them to turn it into an art form. From LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee, Biggie and Pac, Jigga and Nas, Fifty and everybody, to the latest in the saga of airwave beef; Lil B has lit up the airwaves with a joint that disses Joey Bad A$$ and Pro Era. On Lil B’s latest song, “I’m The Bad A$$”, the rapper takes aim at Joey in response to Capital STEEZ’s verse on the “Survival Tactics” in which he spits “ “They say hard work pays of, well tell the Based God don’t quit his day job.”

“These niggas think they’re bad asses now, huh?” Lil B starts out on the track. “Can’t fuck with me, these niggas know my history / I can make your life into a mother-fuckin’ mystery / Niggas wonder why they don’t make it when they against me / 40 gonna come like my son walking 6th Street / Shouts out to them bitch niggas, saying that they miss me / I’m trying to see checks like a test in history / But I’m not a hoe (Never) / Know the code (Feel me?) / I’ma take control, I will never fold.”

It didn’t take long at all for Joey Bad A$$ to offer up his response. He took to twitter for few quick shots at his new nemesis:

Truthfully basedgod, your not worth the time.. Im glad eye was tho.. Keep bangin

11:33 PM – 29 Jan 13

Im about to blaze to this shit, cant believe the basedgod dedicated his appreciation for me on a song! So amped

11:42 PM – 29 Jan 13

If i was to diss this nigga im gettin DMX on the hook, game on the adlibs, joe budden verse 2 and the nigga who knocked him out to record it

11:52 PM – 29 Jan 13


Listen to Lil B – Im the Badass (Joey Badass Diss Song)


    fuck the based god shit, bada$$ done proved himself now.