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Joey Badass Says Dissing Lil B Is So Easy

Posted By on February 1, 2013

Earlier this week a new Hip Hop feud was iginited when West Coast Rapper, Lil B took a shot at up-and-coming, Flatbush native Joey Bad A$$ in his diss song “I’m the Bad A$$. In a recent interview with MTV, Joey Bad A$$ revealed that he felt like his response to the diss record by Lil B was too easy.

He said that it came to easy, he simply applied his superior skills to the Janet Jackson sample track of That’s The Way Love Goes and then laced the track. He believes that he has responded in a way that should have silenced his adversary.

“I just linked up with my homey Ben, and he played this beat and was like, ‘Yo, Lil B dis record?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, a’ight,'” Joey said. “Who knows [why he dissed me]? But if somebody sends a jab at me, I’ll just send one twice as hard. I really didn’t have to respond, I don’t feel so, but I just did it. I don’t know why. It’s too easy, that’s what it is. It’s too easy, so I thought, ‘Why not?’ I’m just flexing my skill on him.”

Adding, “I killed him. He shouldn’t even attempt to do anything again.”

This beef reportedly stemmed from a track in which the late Pro Era member Capital Steez spit a line on “Survival Tactics” where he raps, “They say hard work pays off/Well tell the Based God don’t quit his day job.”


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  • kam

    I used to like Joey a lot and he’s got talent but this shit just proves that he’s gullible, immature, and to be honest seems like a fucking dick. I’ve lost a lot of respect for him yo, Lil B’s diss wasn’t serious — nothing Lil B does is serious. But Joey decided to get all bent out of shape over a dude who is literally satire and then stomps around all like “I KILLED HIM HAHA.” No he didn’t, he did exactly what Lil B wanted him to do and that’s throw gas on the fire. If he had laughed it off and said “lol tybg” or some shit none of this bullshit would have come his way.

  • Yung God

    RIP Joey Bada$$, his song was hot garbage.

  • Clownz

    Yung God tell me how lil b’s cum taste like

  • Wow, joey badass used to hone my respect, but this little stunt made me give it all up.
    He’s a little fucking shit, he tweets a bunch of bullshit about B , and when Lil b retaliates he is made look like a little fool, BasedGod was honestly fooling around on his track but made it listening worthy and solid. When badass returns it he just quotes a bunch of shit b said.
    Then in this interview makes it sound like Boss started the feud, bull fucking shit. BasedG is already over this, and was the second after he released the track. TryHardAss deleted his twitter and is on the verge of deleting his facebook over this. He is getting complete negitive criticism over this, and most of the people that were once his fans are Taskforce kids. How could you hate on b?? For being positive and real? Fuck this kid straight up. He sounds like a little douche ass honestly I have no respect for this little prick. His career is murked because he decided to throw a faggot insult at someone who has outdone this little bitch long ago. Over 100 mixtape/album releases puts BasedGod on a level unreachable by many. Especially not a one mixtape hit or quiter. Give up joey, you’ve lost a lot of fans over this. No one will look at you the same.

  • Is This Kid Serious

    Joey only ended up embarrassing himself. Yeah, he’s a decent enough rapper(for sounding slightly better than the average NY nigga while still sounding exactly the same). He would have looked a lot better if he never instigated that shit. Should just change his name to Joey Bada$$, dissing lil B is hardly worth patting yourself on the back.

  • Is This Kid Serious

    from Joey Bada$$ to Dumba$$*