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J Cole Talks Kanye, No I.D. & Pharrell

Posted By on February 2, 2010

     Roc Nation and Jay-Z artist, J Cole, recently talked about working with Kanye West and No I.D. for his debut album. "I'm in with No I.D. right now. He's incredible. It's fun," Cole says. "My favorite producer, after I started producing [and] paying attention to producers, was Kanye…Being in with No I.D. last night and watching him work, it was like, 'Duh.' I been in with other producers, it don't click. It don't connect. It connects with him. I figure if I grew up looking up to Kanye, Kanye is cut from the No ID cloth."

     In related news, J Cole recently hinted that he might being doing a collaboration with Pharrell Williams. "Ah man, Pharrell, that was incredible man," Cole said. "I think he just got named producer of the decade by Billboard and I just read that today, so, even when I read it I was like 'D*mn, I was just in the studio with this dude,' so it's kinda an honor to get some of his time like that and we came out of it with some good material, the song I really like. I'm not gonna speak on it though, [laughs], but just his creative process, he's like an energy guy or whatever so, I seen it before. I was in the studio with Puff and he's an energy guy too, like, you kinda just feed off of him. Like if somebody else plays a beat that he plays, you're not gonna feel the same way because he sells it to you almost. Like his whole body movement, he'll start singing the hook, or his idea for the hook and you're like, 'Yeah, yeah, you know that's hot,' so it's just an honor to be in there with Pharrell…It's gonna be good, man."

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