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J. Period Recently Named as Brooklyn Nets Music Supervisor

Posted By on February 6, 2013

Music producer and DJ, J. Period, has been appointed as the Brooklyn Nets Music Supervisor, marking an NBA first.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, J. explains that he has been with the team from the beginning of the season in November and he has created a number of custom mixes and remixes of over 150 different songs. These songs range anywhere from James Brown, Big Daddy Kane and everything that falls in between. He was also commissioned to create the team’s theme song, Brooklyn: Something to Lean On” along with John Forte.

“Brooklyn is one of the meccas of Hip Hop,” said J. Period. “The idea was that it should be a party.”

When Forte was questioned about the collaboration, he stated that he wanted to create something special with J. for the squad, something more than the usual jingle. “For me, it had to be more than just a jingle,” he said. “This had to be an anthem.”

J. Period has an impressive resume and is known for working with artist such as Lauryn Hill and Q-Tip on mixtapes. He also fairly recently released The Best of Muthaf##kin Nate Dogg.