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B.G. Pleads Not Guild to Gun Charges

Posted By on February 12, 2010

   Original Hot Boys rapper Christopher “B.G.” Dorsey has pleaded not guilty to the gun possesion charge he received in Lousiana last November. [read previous B.G. arrested on Gun Charges]. B.G. pleaded innocent to a gun charge on Thursday (February 11) in New Orleans Parish Criminal District Court. Christopher Dorsey (B.G.), 29, was arrested with two other men in November for allegedly possessing three weapons with extened and loaded clips, while driving in eastern New Orleans. The Police also stated that two of the three guns were reported as stolen.

“The bond, [the court] wanted to set it at a 100,000 [dollars] because of my record,” B.G. explained in an interview. “But the bond end up being like 50,000…[And] so I got my other little partna [Demounde] out of jail, and he gonna sign the affidavit saying that none of [us] had no knowledge that the guns was in the car so my man [Jerod’s] parole officer can come sign him out…”As of right now…I don’t know how the guns got in the vehicle. For all I know the police coulda put ’em in the vehicle. But when I got in the vehicle, the guns wasn’t in there.”

   B.G. will have to report back in court in a few months where he will either take a plea or go to trial.

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