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Complex Gives His Top “25 Best Rap Battles On YouTube” Loaded Lux and Iron Solomon Take Top Honors

Posted By on February 13, 2013

Thanks to the success of events like SMACK/URL’s Summer Madness 2 last year, the classic art of Battle Rap lives on as a part of mainstream Hip Hop. Complex assembled a list of what he calls the 25 best rap battles on YouTube.

The Rosenthals (Eric and Jeff) of It’s The Real fame have set out to compile a list of the top rap battles on YouTube. This list features sensations that went viral like Eli Porter, Industry and Battle Rap veterans like Cassidy, but is was Loaded Lux and Iron Solomon that walked away with top honors.

“Shrouded in black, Lux’s posse of mourners turned [Webster Hall] into a Baptist hall,” the Rosenthals write of Lux’s performance against Detroit rhymer Calicoe. “Yes, it was literal and overwrought; sure, it pandered. But it sold his lines: as he sliced up Calicoe with his words, the women swooned, bursting into hysterics…it wouldn’t have amounted to much had Lux not had the lines to back him up, but ‘You gon’ get this work’ has become an everlasting catchphrase.”

They also addressed Iron Solomon’s battle against E. Ness, “E. Ness should’ve done his homework. He walked into this GrindTime match-up against Iron Solomon, coasting off his ancient MTV credits, only to have Solomon pick his resume apart. Line by line, item by item, Solomon tore up his opponent’s lifework like scraps of paper. The Jewish Upper West Sider started off strong, and never slowed. His opening lines included, ‘I ain’t gon’ put Diddy in my rhymes to chalk him out,’ before Solomon choked back a laugh. ‘Who the fuck am I kidding? That’s all the fuck I’m gonna talk about!’ Ness, theatrical but straightforward, never had a chance.”