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Shock G Discusses Struggles of Saafir and the Reason He is Confined to a Wheelchair

Posted By on February 13, 2013

In an interview, one of Sasfir’s earliest mentors, Shock G, discusses some of the behind the scenes struggles that Saafir endured.

While contributing to a timeline on Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner’s site, Digital Underground Founder, Shock G, gave an account of some of the struggles that plagued former group affiliate, Saafir (f.k.a. Saafir The Saucee Nomad). The timeline revealed why the former Qwest Records artist, who was a member of Hobo Junction, has been confined to a wheelchair for a over a few years now. There have been reports of tumors among other medical conditions. Like Tupac, Saafir began his career as a dancer and guest for the Digital Underground in the early 90’s

There is some mention of substance abuse in Shock’s timeline, but he says that a great majority of the physical challenges that Saafir has dealt with have very little to do with the drug abuse. He says that Saafir was injured in a bouched TWA Flight 843 evacuation that started a case that lasted over 20 years. There was also a train hopping fiasco that didn’t go well, along with several back surgeries that the rap veteran did not recover from very well.

Shock says that Saafir continues to seek treatment in hopes of getting better. The two are still working together while searching for a resolution to the physical challenges of Saafir.