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Bumpy Knuckles & O.C. Planning Collaborative Album, “Kolexxxion 2″ In The Works”

Posted By on February 14, 2013

On O.C.’s 1997 sophomore album “Jewelz” there was a guest appearance by Freddie Foxxx (a.k.a Bumpy Knuckles). Bumpy, a rapper from Long Island would be featured on “M.U.G.” and “Win the G.” which were both produced by Gang Starrs DJ Premier. Some 15 years later Bumpy Knuckles, last week, announced in an interview with HipHopDX that he and O.C. are currently working on a full-length collaborative album.

“Me and O.C. are working on an album together right now, that’s gonna be insane,” he said via phone last week. “Like after performing ‘M.U.G.’ with O.C. at my [The Kolexxxion] album release party [at New York City’s B.B. King’s] everybody knew it was evident, we had to do it.”

Asked about the hiatus in the pair’s collaborative history, Bumpy revealed that logistics played a role. “That’s the beauty of it, O.C. came into my studio recently and he said ‘Wow, what a powerful energy is in this room, Foxxx.’ He said, ‘Yo, I wanna do my [next] album here.’ He got a mixtape he wanted to do at my place.” The conversation progressed to the duo planning to do something together.

The rapper, whose career dates back to 1986, says that this collaborative project could be a benchmark accomplishment in his career.

“When you get the opportunity to work with O.C. and all of a sudden that magic just comes right back together, that’s the sign of a true artist. I’m not walking off of no assembly line saying, ‘I used to be a rapper,’ I’m not parking my taxi and jumping out—I’ve been doing Hip Hop since I started [and] I kept doing it. Yeah, we go through our financial ups and downs and all that but this is real art, man, we’re doing real art here. I’m like a painter, I’m not gonna stop painting just because I’m not selling paintings, that don’t mean I’m wanna stop painting I still have a desire to do it.”