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Major Labels Launch iTunes Competitor

Posted By on February 17, 2011

     Undisputed Music-downloading giant iTunes may soon have decent competition as major labels Universal, Sony, Warner Brothers and EMI have teamed up with a new digital music service Qrirocity to bring everyone "Music Unlimited." Already available in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom, it was launched today in Austrlia, New Zealand and of course, the United States.

     The "Music Unlimited" service allows the record labels to sell directly to their customers, giving them more control over the revenue from sales compared to having a set price-contract currently used on iTunes. With a current library of over 6-million songs, the service also has streaming SD, HD and 3D movie rentals with video available through devices like PlayStation 3, Blu-ray players, Bravia televisions, PCs and Google’s Android OS with a subscription cost $3.99 per month and a 30 day period.

"As we expand 'Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity' around the globe, it signifies a paradigm shift which redefines the existing music listening experience by revolutionizing music access, discovery, integration and personalization," said Kazuo Hirai, President of Networked Products & Services Group, Sony Corporation. "Through Sony's high quality network-enabled devices, we are focused on delivering dynamic services 'powered by Qriocity' to offer global customers with compelling digital entertainment propositions." (Bloomberg)