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C-Murder’s Appeal Rejected By Supreme Court

Posted By on February 20, 2013

C-Murder has ran into a major brick wall in regards to getting a 2009 conviction for Murder overturned. The rapper whose real name is Corey Miller is the younger brother Music Mogul Percy “Master P.” Miller, was convicted of shooting and killing a 16 year old fan in a Louisiana Night Club.

Initially an appeal was filed at the state Supreme Court level, and was denied. The attorneys for C-Murder subsequently filed an appeal with the US Supreme Court. His lawyers argued based on the premise that in all federal cases and almost all state cases, a jury has to vote unanimously to convict someone of a crime. Based on this argument, Miller should not have been convicted because the jury that heard his casetrial voted 10-2 to convict. However, the courts rejected to hear the appeal according to a report from US News. The primary reason seems to be the fact Louisiana is one of only two states that will allow a majority vote conviction in lieu of a unanimous vote.

C-Murder was sentenced to life in prison in 2009 for the murder in question and based on the outcome of the appeal, he will remain in prison to continue serving out his life sentence.