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Two Arrest Warrants Issued For Arrest of Suge Knight

Posted By on February 25, 2013

It seems that Suge Knight just simply cannot stay out of the crosshairs of the law. According to reports from TMZ, two warrants have been issued for the former CEO and Co-Founder of Death Row Records, just days after being photographed in a Los Angeles night club alongside former employee and longtime nemesis, Snoop Dogg.

The one time music mogul reportedly missed a court date that revolves around two separate driving without a driver’s license cases. The warrants were issued on February 20, 2012, the same day that the former Death Row Records Chief was photographed with Snoop in a night club in Los Angeles.

The Compton, CA native is currently wanted for one case that originated in 2011 and another in 2012. Subsequently, two warrants have been issued, one for $5,000 and another for $30,000. Being that Knight is currently on unsupervised probation, these seemingly minor incidents could, very well, lead to another extended stay in prison.

Knight is no stranger to legal troubles, from the onset of his career in the music industry, he has been engrossed in legal troubles. He has been charged with drug possession, extortion, assault, and a number of other related charges. He also lost the Death Row label in bankruptcy court in 2008.

It was Knight’s violation of probationary conditions that caused his most infamous incarceration, when he was filmed with Tupac Shukur in Las Vegas (Violating terms that required that he not leave the state of California) months before being fatally wounded in a drive-by shooting on the Las Vegas Strip.