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Father of Lil Poopy Investigated by Child Protective Services

Posted By on February 28, 2013

The father of nine year old rapper, Lil Poopy, is reported to be under investigation by child welfare officials in the state of Massachusetts. The rapper, who is affiliated with Bad Boy Records, Maybach Music Group, and rapper French Montana has be seen participating in some shows and videos that many believe are inappropriate for a child of his age.

According to a report that has been propagated via the associated press, the Brooktown, MA, Police Depart has made an official request for officials with the Child Welfare agency in that state to investigate the welfare of the nine year old, who is under the care and supervision of his father.

Lil Poopy’s “Stay Schemin “remix” video seems to be the focal point and catalyst through which this issue originated, ultimately leading to the request for this investigation. The young rapper, who is in the fourth grade, is seen smacking a woman on the behind as well as perfoming on stage with French Montana who has a champagne bottle in hand.

The central foundation on which the investigation stands is that this type of exposure is not healthy for the development of a child that age, along with the fact that the child may be being exploited by his father and others for financial game. Anyone that is making a serious assessment of these accusations would have to ask, “What’s new? Not to condone any illegal of moral behavior, nor to minimize the seriousness of the issue, but to question the motives of the officials behind the investigation.

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