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Crooked I Talks About Getting Shot

Posted By on March 4, 2009

    As we are sure you have heard, over the weekend there were multiple reports that Crooked I had been shot, well now he is finally admitting it. The former Death Row Records artist said he was trying to do what he
normally does — grant the request of a fan — when he almost lost his
life. [watch here] "When dude came up and was like, 'Can you give me a shout out?'
I'm like, 'Cool, what do you want me to say?' Three seconds later, I
hear a noise. I [was] so far removed from the fact it can be gunshots.
Then I turn around and see sparks. That's strange." [watch here]

    Either way, Crooked I can't get it out of his mind. "Just reliving for the past couple of days, it's just been flashing in my mind over and over," Crooked revealed to MTV News, speaking in detail for the first time about the incident. "I don't know if it was somebody trying to get at me personally, or somebody was … I don't wanna say … set me up." [watch here]

Crooked I Admits He Was Shot