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Nick Cannon To Star as Freeway Rick Ross in Biopic Blockbuster

Posted By on March 7, 2013

Nick Cannon has indicated that he is prepared to make history. What he is referring to is his quest to produce a biopic of the of legendary drug kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross. The two met years ago and have developed a strong bond. In a YouTube video alongside “Freeway” Rick Ross, Cannon indicated that the biopic could very well be on the way soon.

Cannon has stated that he feels like Ross is family and it is a priority of his to insure that this biopic makes it to the light of the public. He feels that it could actually be an historical undertaking. Cannon may also be taking on dual roles in bringing the project to the light. He may also play the role of Ross in the biopic.

“This is history in the making right here…We family now. We gonna get this thing right however long it take. The story gotta be told. The real Rick Ross. So we gonna get it done,” Cannon expressed.

According to Ross, it has been his desire for Cannon to play the role of his life since 1996.

“I’ve been wanting him to play my role since ’96. We got hooked up, I met him I loved his personality,” said Ross. “You know what I’m saying?”

At this point, there are no further details concerning the potential project, but Cannon has promised that he will insure that it happens.

It was in the 1980’s that Rick Ross gained notoriety as a major Drug Traficker in Los Angeles and was subsequently sentenced to life in prison for his involvement in the world of drug trafficking.