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Mannie Fresh Confirms Completion of “OMFGOD” with Yasiin Bey

Posted By on March 8, 2013

Mannie Fresh seems to be in a producer’s zone right now. The producer in coming off of a hot song deal with Kanye West in which he admittedly made a nice piece of change. Now he confirms that what fans have been screaming for since being announced last summer, his collaboration with Yasiin Bey, a.k.a. Mos Def, is close to being completed.

“We actually mixing it right now,” said Mannie.

Both, Mannie and Mos Def made the decision to keep the project simple, therefore the project consists of 10 featureless tracks that will be released soon for the purpose of public consumption. In the era of multiple features, some might consider this a bold and risky move, but for a veteran and masterful emcee such as Mos, this is exactly what the doctor odered, a visit back to the roots of Hip Hop where there are no gimmicks, no safety nets, no hooks, just raw flow, and pure talent.

Mannie also confirmed that though they recorded way more content than what made the cut, they wanted to keep it short and simple because, in Mannie’s opinion, a lot of music is thrown away when so much of it finds its way onto one LP.

“We recorded way more than that,” clarified Mannie. “But rather than to [just] have somebody say like, ‘Oh, wow’ – I think a lot of times when you do that you throw away music. So, I just wanna give people like ten bangers and let’s be out.”