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Judge Dismisses Lil Bossie’s Hit Man for Hire Case

Posted By on March 15, 2013

According to reports from the Advocate, a Judge has refused to dismiss an indictment for first degree murder against Michael Louding, a 20 year old young man that is accused of being hired by Lil Boosie to kill Terry Boyd. It was in 2009 that the alleged murder for hire case surfaced.

It was earlier this week that Margaret Lagattuta, Louding’s attorney, petitioned state District Judege Trudy White to dismiss the indictment against her client, based on a ruling by the United States Supreme Court that says that states are not allowed to automatically impose life sentences that have no possibility of parole on juveniles in murder cases. In the state of Louisiana, a conviction for first degree murder carries an automatic sentence of life without parole or death by lethal injection. Because Louding was a juvenile at the time of the murder, he is not eligible for the death penalty which means that the only sentence would be an automatic life sentence. Louding’s attorney says that she will not be able to adequately communicate to the jury what her client will face automatically if convicted.

She also asked the judge to suppress certain statements in which her client admitted being involved in at least three other homicides, which the judge refused as well. During Boosie’s trial, in which he was acquitted on the charges, Louder testified that he did not kill Boyd and that he had not been involved in any other murders. Louding is scheduled to stand trial on the charges starting March 18th.