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New Jersey Police Officer Under Investigation After Releasing Rap Videos

Posted By on March 15, 2013

According to reports from The Star-Ledger, Irvington, New Jersey police officer, Maurice Gattison, is currently under investigation by his department after releasing several rap videos during the course of last year. It seems that several of his colleagues, who were also in the videos, are also under investigation concerning the matter.

Gattison, who goes by the stage moniker of “Gat The Great”, who also serves as the president the police union there is Irvington, feels that the resources that are being used to delve into his personal life and him exercising his rights to free speech could be used for something a lot more relevant.

“There’s a lot of other things that could be dealt with if you wanted to do an article,” Gattison expressed to The Star-Ledger. “Not what I’m doing in my personal life just singing a song.”

Gattison’s attorney, Anthony Lacullo seem quite confident that there would not be any charges brought against his client in the matter. He says that it is simply a matter of a person exercising their first amendment right to freedom of expression.

“He is someone who has chosen to express himself through the song in lyrics that you have heard. It is his constitutional right to in fact do so,” said Lacullo. “He has exercised his first amendment rights and we anticipate that there will be no charges, criminally or departmentally.”

At current, it is not certain what disciplinary action, if any, Gattison could face in this matter.